GoodVisionGlasses is expanding its offer of affordable, high quality eyeglasses: the social business originating from Germany has become the first third-party distributor in Malawi for plastic frames eyeglasses by US social business VisionSpring.

So far, GoodVisionGlasses, who began operating in Malawi in 2014, focused exclusively on locally producing its own eyeglasses line, the original „GoodVisionGlasses“. Using an internationally award-winning technique, they are being made of strong, very flexible German spring steel wire frames, in different sizes and forms, accessorized with various colours and assembled with ready-made polycarbonate clip-in lenses. This modular system allows perfect customizability for prescription, reading and sun glasses.

Ganizani Malata, Country Director of GoodVisionGlasses: „We see continued high demand for our original „GoodVisionGlasses“ metal frames. But at the same time, some customers are also looking for plastic frames and we want to offer them a choice. Therefore, we have partnered with VisionSpring, also a social business. The VisionSpring plastic frames follow the same modular assembly system and high quality standards as the „GoodVisionGlasses“ and are therefore easily integrable into our sales approach.“

The light-weight, durable polycarbonate plastic frames by VisionSpring now distributed by GoodVisionGlasses come in various fashionable colours and powers ranging from +3,00 to -6,00 diopters. Customers can thus purchase them as prescription or reading glasses. Costs range from 8.000 MWK for reading glasses to up to 12.000 MWK for prescription glasses. They will be purchasable at selected GoodVisionStores and during outreaches at companies, churches, markets or health clinics conducted by GoodVisionGlasses’ mobile sales teams.

Sam Brundrett, VisionSpring’s Manager Global Sales and Partnerships for Malawi: „Both GoodVisionGlasses and VisionSpring have the mission to bring access to affordable eyeglasses to Malawians so that every individual can live a productive life. The need and demand in this country is huge. So, partnerships like the one that has now been forged between VisionSpring and GoodVisionGlasses are essential. We need to join forces to create real impact.“

About VisionSpring:
VisionSpring, an international social enterprise, was founded in 2001 with a mission to broaden access to affordable eyewear everywhere. They establish market access to eyeglasses and vision correction for people living in poverty so that they may enhance their livelihoods, learning, and quality of life. To date, VisionSpring has sold 5.5 million pairs of glasses to low-income consumers living in emerging and frontier markets, and has a partner network of over 250 organizations across 40 countries.